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How to prosper from the LTC and BTC dips

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Is Vertcoin the next Litecoin?

I've been doing a lot of research on a crypto to invest in and I think we have a winner!


Please watch the video , it goes through point by point why Vertcoin.

Based on the vlogger Vertcoin can be the next litecoin and is currently way under valued.

BITCOIN, Will it hit $6000 Today???!!!!

As I type this post Bitcoin is nearing $6000! It seems like it had gone over $6000 at some point but will it hit $6000 and stay?
I can't help but to think about the 100 bitcoins I've loss back in 2010!
Despite the high price I think I'll have to keep buying!

Here are the the 5 coins I am currently investing in: 1. LTC  2. OMG 3. Cloak 4. GNT 5. EOS
I am contemplating on whether if I should buy bitcoin or bitcoin cash.....I think either bitcoin cash or litecoins could potentially replace bitcoins...any thoughts?
Before I buy my cryptos I like to use this site as part of my checklists:


Here's an ICO opportunity for those of you that are looking for ICO opportunities. I am not suggesting you should invest, I am just making awareness of this opportunity for ICO that isn't restricted to the United States. This is not a financial advice, I just want you to watch this video for you to decide for yourself if this ICO is worth investing in. Please share and comment.

Microsoft Develops Coco Framework for use on Ethereum & PILLAR

Just found out the other day none other than Microsoft is getting in on the Crypto-World. Microsoft has developed a framework called Coco to work with Ethereum and Pillar. For those who doubt the legitimacy of cryptocurrency can erase all your doubts about Cryptos because the big boy is jumping on the train!

Invest with a peace of mind, Cryptos aren't going anywhere!

My Jaxx Wallet Review

I know that if you just recently joined the crypto-world you are probably confused by the many terminologies been used. One of the many terminologies that you need to be familiar with is "Wallets". I am writing this post with the assumption that you already know how to make your crypto-purchase at one of the many crypto-exchanges out there. After funding your exchange account with $ the next thing you need to do is look for a secure way to store your cryptos. This process is often overlooked by newbies and it could be costly mistake. A secure wallet is a must have, whether if it's soft, online, paper or hardware wallet. In my case I chose aSoft Wallet. Which you chose will depend on how much $ you have, but based on my research Soft Wallet is medium to high security. The Soft Wallet I am going to review is the Jaxx Wallet Android Mobile App.

I will be doing my review based on the security,usability and the performance of the Android Mobile App Jaxx security in my opinion…

Ethereum to set all time high

Is Ethereum ready to set all time high after ICOs liquidation?  I think so.  I think Ethereum is  near the bottom and will continue to climb up before summer ends.  Based on the current ETH chart would indicate a strong upside over the next couple of months!  I've personally picked up about 3.34 eth during the dip, I wish I could have gotten more but that was all I had at the moment.  Take advantage of the lows always and HODL!